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  • GCSF Keynote Address and GCSA Ceremony

    2018/11/22 14:00~17:00

    Topic 1: (TBD)

    How well are businesses reporting on the SDGs?

    Alan McGill / Partner, Sustainability Assurance Leader, PwC United Kingdom (CV)


    Topic 2: (TBD)

    International Sustainable Supply Chain: Asia Trend and Practice, Learn from the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Carbon-neutral.

    Keiichi Ushijima(牛島慶一), Managing Director Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY Japan (CV)


    Topic 3:

    Willing, Ready and SustainAble.

    CSR/SDGs Leader from Deloitte


    Topic 4:

    CSR/SDGs Leader from Bloomberg


    Download Here -> Event Brochure

    Workshop of Deloitte

    2018/11/23 13:00~17:00

    Topic : Willing, Ready and SustainAble

    Workshop of EY

    2018/11/23 08:00~12:00

    Coming Soon

    Workshop of PwC

    2018/11/23 13:00~17:00

    Coming Soon

    BSI Sustainability Standards Summit - The evolution of CSR: circular economics

    2018/11/23 09:00~12:30

    Coming Soon

    Academic Paper Presentation - Assessment, Engagement, and Impact of SDGs

    2018/11/23 08:00~12:00

    Coming Soon

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