• Motivation and Objectives

    To Implementation of CSR and to promote sustainable development

    As former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon noted in regards to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: “Business is a vital partner in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Companies can contribute through their core activities, and we ask companies everywhere to assess their impact, set ambitious goals and communicate transparently about the results.” (UN 2017). The implementation of corporate sustainability initiatives and the publishing of Corporate Sustainability Reports are activities that are now expected from the international business community.


    In order to encourage international enterprises' development corporate sustainability and SDGs, We host the “Global Corporate Sustainability Awards” (GCSA). International enterprises will thus be offered qualitative and quantitative assistance in their corporate governance informational disclosures, which will serve to further their contribution to the protection of sustainable development, environmental friendliness, and social justice.


    The GCSA will offer recognition in three major award categories: “GCSA – Reporting” , “GCSA – Professional” and “GCSA - Best Practice'.

  • Aims of the Award

    Promoting both sustainable corporate principles and practices

    Recognizing corporations who excel at sustainable development

    Continuing to develop Global' s standards of corporate sustainability

    Acknowledging the multifaceted nature of sustainability issues

    Fostering concern within Global' s business community for CSR and CS issues

  • 2018 Winner List

  • 2019 Selection Committee of GCSA-Reporting

    The Award recognizes those corporations that disclose sustainability information in a transparent and credible way.

    Distinguished Prof. Hsien-Lun Hu

    Chief Judge of Governance group

    Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management

    National Taipei University of Technology

    Prof. Chun-Shan Chen

    Judge of Governance group

    Graduate Institute of Intellectual Property

    National Taipei University of Technology

    Prof. Chen-Li Huang

    Judge of Governance group

    Department of Accounting

    Tamkang University

    Prof. Yu-Shan Chen

    Chief Judge of Society group

    Associate Dean

    College of Business, National Taipei University

    Associate Prof. Yung-Shuen Shen

    Judge of Society group

    Dean, Office of Students Affairs

    The Center of Holistic Education

    Mackay Medical College

    Prof. Hsiung-Yi Su

    Judge of Society group

    Department of Business Administration

    SooChow University

    Chair Prof. Young Ku

    Chief Judge of Environment group

    Chemical Engineering Department

    National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

    Distinguished Prof. Yuh-Ming Lee

    Judge of Environment group

    Director, Institute of Natural Resource Management

    National Taipei University

    Prof. Shin-Cheng Yeh

    Judge of Environment group

    Director, Graduate Institute of Environmental Education

    National Taiwan Normal University

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