• BSI 2020 Sustainability Standards Summit

    Referencing International Standards in Pursuing Business Innovation and Enhancing Sustainability Resilience

    Th 2020 BSI Sustainability Standards must take recent global events into account, including “climate change”, “geopolitical factors”, “global supply chain reform” and the “COVID-19 pandemic”. Many sustainability developments are currently facing uncertainty, e.g. Apple Inc. implementing its 10-year climate plan, which requires the company’s business, supply chain and product life cycle to become carbon neutral, thereby reducing the impact of climate change. Taiwan’s competent authority has launched the CG -Roadmap 3.0, requesting enhancement of companies’ sustainability governance and enhancing international competitiveness. Corporate internal innovation is paramount to sustainable actions, which help businesses optimize “value”, retain their market share, and enhance their sustainability resilience.

    2020.11.19 DAY 2

    09:00 - 12:00

    10F Auditorium

  • Speakers

    Peter Pu

    BSI Managing Director, NE Asia Region

    Mr. Pu receives a master degree in Management from Seattle City University. He is specialized in information security and sustainable business operations. With almost 20 years of experience in the certification industry, he has been considered a pioneer in the risk management industry.


    Mr. Pu leads the CSR verification team with his expertise in risk management to promote sustainable goals in society, environment, and economy. In recent years, Mr. Pu has been invited to serve on the jury of the following renowned prizes: “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award” by CommonWealth Magazine “Prize for Eco-friendly Brands” by Business Next Publishing Corp. “Prize for Contribution in Information Security” by Information Security.


    With Mr. Pu as the pilot, BSI Taiwan manages to utilize its advantages in pioneering standard development to help domestic companies and the public sector to adopt the global standards of corporate social responsibility. In view of this, BSI Taiwan has spare no effort in sustainable development.

    Ivan Cheng

    Assistant Director, BSI Taiwan Business solutions department-Sustainability

    CFP / WF / ISO 20121 Product Manager

    ISO 20400/ PAS 7000 / Supply Chain Management Product Manager

    Ivan has a background of Environmental Engineering; He began his career for environmental management in Semi-Conductor Industry. The Semi-Conductor Industry is a leader of ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 & GHG management; He got many experiences when working in Factory. While working with BSI, Ivan initially focused on GHG verification, now, taking advantage of an assistant director of business solutions department-Sustainability in BSI.

    Roger Tseng

    EY Taiwan Partner of Climate Change and Sustainability Services Practice Leader, CPA

    Ernst & Young Certified Public Accountant and partner of Climate Change and Sustainability Services practice leader


    Over 10 years’ experience in corporate sustainability and auditing, providing services including sustainability report consultation and assurance, international sustainability index consultation, green finance, carbon pricing and strategy, TCFD, SROI, integrated reporting and other sustainability services.


    An experienced speaker for board members of listed companies specialized in corporate governance, sustainability and CSR. Inviters include Center for Corporate Sustainability, Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce, Taiwan Insurance Institute, Accounting Research and Development Foundation ,etc.

    Tomm L. Chiang

    Director, Financial Crime Risk Advisory Deloitte Taiwan

    At Deloitte, Mr. Chiang has developed expertise in the area of financial crime risk management. Tomm also has ISO37001 LA and CAMS certifications. He has 15 years of consultants experience in Deloitte.He is responsible for assisting the large financial industry to enhance the management of financial crime, including anti-money laundering, financial fraud, anti-bribery and corruption ,treating customer fairly , and other related topics. His recent projects include assisting medium and large financial banking and insurance companies to improve financial crime risk management controls, including process-related and system-related activities.

    Duncan Fong

    BS 8001 Circular Economy Product Management

    Duncan has earned master degree in chemical oceanography, and worked in fields of chemical, electronic and consultant industry. Among the working experience, realized the importance of quality management, environmental protection, energy-saving and carbon-reduction to a business sustainable development, and execution throughout departments. Also in order to maintain a sustainable development business as a climate change issue raised much serious attention throughout the globe, it is necessary to run a business which is also environmental friendly, energy-saving, and high quality control. Becoming a part of BSI team, I wish to achieve my goal of promoting sustainable development systems into corresponding industries.

    Steven Tsai

    CEO, Unity Sustainability Services Co., LTD.

    Steven was vice general manager of PWC. Now, he is the CEO of Unity Sustainability Services. Through lectures, exhibitions, camps, even online game for e-sports combined with sustainable issues, AR combined with face recognition perpetual rescue board game; he develops the first set of perpetual board games in Taiwan.


    With innovative and sustainable thinking, he brings deeper influences. training, and family day planning, now we actively invest in assisting Taiwan's rural areas in catering renovation and local development and promoting sustainable tourism to let more people to learn the best customs and humanities of Taiwan.

    Ivan Huang


  • About BSI

    Inspiring Trust for a more resilient world.

    BSI (British Standards Institution) is the business standards company that equips businesses with the necessary solutions to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence. BSI helps its clients drive performance, manage risk and grow sustainably; making their organization resilient - one that is agile, adaptive, robust and competitive.


    Formed in 1901, BSI was the world’s first National Standards Body and over a century later is globally recognized as a champion of best practice. BSI is responsible for originating many

    of the world’s most commonly used management systems standards and publishes nearly 2,900 standards annually. These standards address the most pressing issues of today from clear billing to energy management and disability access to nano-technology; spanning sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Built Environment, Food, Healthcare and IT.


    BSI’s standards are underpinned by a collaborative and rigorous approach honed over decades; working with industry experts, government bodies, trade associations, businesses of all sizes and consumers to develop the standards for excellence.

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