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Taiwan’s Exemplary Sustainability Corporations share assiduous experiences in SDGs & CSR best practices


The event organizers invited eight benchmark Taiwan enterprises to attend the Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (GCSF) to share about their experience in assiduous promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) case studies of best practices and actions.

The CTCI Group is Taiwan’s largest and one of the world’s top 100 international turnkey project contractor and engineering companies. The Group Management Headquarters CEO Ming-Cheng Hsiao spoke on their “CTCI Pinnacle Performance in 40 Sustainability Areas”, emphasizing their pride in high brand spirit at being the “Most Reliable” enterprise, creating corporate sustainability competitiveness, and pursuing global sustainability growth. Besides their selection for the ENR Magazine as among the top 100 International Contractors and International Design Firms, along with numerous invitations and recognition with global benchmark awards, CTCI takes such success as a further motivating force, to align with leading renowned international companies, to realize their vision for being the “Most Reliable Global Project Services Team”, and providing clients with “Most Reliable” project services. The Group’s “Most Reliable” brand spirit emphasizes CSR, and the creation of sustainable value feedback for all their stakeholders. Among their highlighted successes, they continue to promote green projects, smart factories, and the circular economy among their innovative services, to help further implement supplier sustainability management, in the quest for mutual win-win prosperity.

The Cathay Financial Holdings Co., Ltd., is the leading diversified financial institution in Taiwan providing insurance, securities, and banking. Cathay Chief Investment Officer Shu-Fen Chengshared about their corporate sustainability precepts and development history, their industrious sustainability actions and promotion of responsible investing best practices, explaining their organizational functions and integrated operations platform. With their operations branches and professional finance and insurance specialists throughout Taiwan, they offer their customers one-stop diversified financial services, as they strive to be “Asia’s Most Ideal Financial Institution”. The Group also aims for international harmonization with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through their Cathay Four Primary Sustainability Themes: alternate energy and basic infrastructure, ageing and health, women’s empowerment, tolerance and caring, as focal points for their resource deployment, aiming to achieve optimal influence. The Cathay Group has been among the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) firms for three years running, and in 2017 was indexed among the “Taiwan Sustainability Index” enterprises, indicating continuing widespread recognition for their sustainability efficacy. As Cathay strengthens its’ corporate governance, responds proactively to climate change, it also leads the pack in implementing the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) structure, and harmonizing with international standards. At the end of 2017 the Cathay Group held Taiwan’s premiere large-scale “Climate Change Round Table Forum” with robust discussion among the leadership of Taiwan’s leading companies, affording substantial global visibility to the significant Taiwan efforts in climate change. Moreover, the event displayed advances in financial empowerment, social care, and the community spirit of good neighborliness.

The CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd. seconded their CTBC Charity Foundation Deputy Executive Director Mei-Yin Lin, to share about their「Taiwan Dream Project - The Community's Children are Our Children」, which represents the continuing cultivation of their long term care and concern for disadvantaged children, while from 2015 they have spread the project across all of Taiwan’s localities, assisting the Ministry of Health and Welfare along with experts and professionals to promote the Taiwan Dream Project - The Community's Children are Our Children. In conjunction with established and highly adept and able community development associations, the project is working all across Taiwan to establish Community Dream Fulfillment centers which unify locally available resources, to provide children with diverse afterschool accompanied activities and meals, along with volunteer efforts for greater capabilities, igniting community resident awareness, to deploy community-centered care for disadvantaged youth. At present there are already 20 Community Dream Fulfillment centers, providing locally relevant and needed service projects, responsive to local children’s actual needs and able to adjust services for real-time practical assistance. Stemming from our commitment that “the community's children are our children” as our core precept and principle, we are developing community-centered autonomous children and youth social security networks, which according to our Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis indicate for every NT$1 invested, we create NT$4.26 in additional social value, for a significant multiplier effect and factor.

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., (TSMC) is the world’s largest specialized integrated circuit manufacturing service company, and in 2018 TSMC produced over 12 million 12” wafers. TSMC Manager Tu-Wen Sun explained how the driving force behind both the company’s business and public interest efforts, emphasize the critical imperative of corporate social responsibility, with comprehensive attention to the SDGs in relation to the TSMC corporate value chain, and the establishment of the company’s Sustainable Development Goals. TSMC focuses on six theme areas of ensuring Ethical Management, Innovation and Service, Responsible Supply Chain, Green Manufacturing, Inclusive Workplace, and the Common Good, through disclosure of their relation to the 17 major points of their conjunction with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), along with Impact Valuation, as well as TSMC seven key sustainable management capabilities, and especially the two major fields of energy efficient actions and outstanding education, using the SROI framework from the perspective of all stakeholders, while inclusively reaching out to stakeholders’ through consensus mechanisms to elucidate the TSMC management and operational footprints on society from both positive and negative impact directions, then evaluating them in financial terms to better appreciate the practical impacts of operations on the extended holistic value chain. TSMC is also responding to the SDGs by transformative pragmatic efforts in economic, social, and environmental actions, to implement global and corporate sustainable development goals.

The Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc., is the world’s leading semiconductor packaging and testing services firm, and their Section Chief Pin-Suo Su shared about responsiveness to the current and future challenges and opportunities in sustainability. The ASE Group has been studying and analyzing the overall impact of our operations in order to respond appropriately to current and future risks and opportunities in sustainability, from the four dimensions of economic, tax, environmental and social impacts on different stakeholders. The process of conducting these evaluations fostered learning about and focused on the interaction among six types of capital — financial, manufacturing, intellectual, human, natural and, social and relationship that underscores the company's short-, medium- and long-term value. ASE has incorporated integrated thinking into the company's strategic decision-making process and made it the basis for the creation of long-term value. ASE continues to pursue strategic and localized community-based, environmentally-proactive public interest organization and holistic integration with stakeholders from industry, government, academia and research sectors, through consensus-formation and long-term mutual partnership collaboration, along with investing resources to enhance overall social development, while creating social value, through which we enhance our employee satisfaction and harmony, along with gaining greater trust and confidence from our ASE stakeholders.

AU Optronics Corporation is global leader in LCD displays and solar power solutions, which aims to be an exemplary enterprise in sustainable operations, by aptly deploying corporate resources to realize outstanding success in mutuality, social inclusion, holistic environment, and exceptional corporate social responsibility, to create high mutual added value and synergy. In 2008 AU Optronics announced its “Green Commitments” to environmental sustainability, social participation, and corporate governance thereby setting the framework for practical results and performance. They have reduced the panel production process water usage by 40%, seen reductions of carbon emissions by 60%, and deployed robust solutions for recapturing and reusing production process water through technologically integrated mechanisms which have furthered their green business opportunities. Caring for socially disadvantaged youth is an important direction through hosting solar power and environmental education summer camps, thereby laying the deep roots for integrated STEM education. AU Optronics holds high standards for corporate governance efficacy which have continuously progressed over the years resulting in their inclusion in the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index, and the firm has inculcated gender equality practices which have been recognized by inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, revealing a comprehensive sustainable development effort that has reached international standards and achieved global recognition. AU Optronics has also established a CSR Committee and Sustainable Development headquarters, to integrate horizontal resources and communication to enhance corporate social responsibility related management efficacy. The AUPO Director for Sustainability, Hsiu-Hua Ku, emphasized that global trends, opportunities and challenges have convinced AUO that from the perspective of transformation processes, it is imperative to share past and present experiences to accelerate everyone’s learning curves. She also mentioned that in respect of the 2025 CSR vision and goals, AUO has a comprehensive plan and intentions which she explained.

The Chief Strategy Office of Sinyi Realty Inc., Chuang-Yun Chou, shared about their Corporate Governance as core strategies for the Sinyi Group, and their steadfast commitment to its founding spirit of putting people first. Sinyi’s goal is to “adhere to corporate social responsibility and provide world-class services”, and Sinyi hopes to realize their ultimate vision of a harmonious symbiosis with the entirety of society. In particular, since the proposal by the United Nations of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Sinyi has built on their long-time commitment to their role as a global citizen by actively focusing on both their major stakeholders and the SDGs. Sinyi has set out six major sustainability strategies:

1. Innovating Service Models and Shaping the Industry’s Future.

2. Putting People First: Not Just Staff, but Also Partners.

3. Corporate Governance = What Should be Done.

4. Faithful People→Faithful Company→Faithful Society.

5. Pioneering Environmental Awareness in the Service Industry.

6. Building Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chains

and to reconcile the interests of their stakeholders with their goals for sustainable development. Focusing forward to 2025 they are moving toward their vision of “Becoming the Global Chinese Residential Property Brand Leader”, through deploying sustainability as foundations, for operational realization of corporate ethics, to attain responsibilities and achieve profitability.

The E.SUN Financial Holding Co., Ltd. group provides comprehensive full-suite financial services, and their Director of Human Resources, Chih-Cheng Wang shared about the firm’s commitment to honesty, integrity and fidelity, and ensuring a brand image of a responsible professional fiduciary, to ensure stable and positive operating style, while assiduously endeavoring to create added value for all clients and customers. E. SUN deploys Teamwork, Talent and Technology as a trifecta of professional indicators, to cultivate exceptional financial and wealth management professionals. Proceeding from the heart, E.SUN focuses on clients, employees, and banking to create a win-win-win for all. E.SUN engages with its stakeholders in a variety of ways. For employees, E.SUN focuses on cultivating professional talent and building a happy team. For customers, E.SUN provides outstanding quality services to bring more value for customers. For shareholders, E.SUN continues to create outstanding overall performance through the bank's integrity and professionalism. For society, E.SUN brings positive impacts to the community and environment, and moves us all forward towards sustainable development.

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