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2018 Global Corporate Sustainability Awards


The international community and global corporations ratified their commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as to the Paris agreement. This year (2018), Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (A·SDGs) hosts the Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA) to encourage international enterprises' development in corporate sustainability and SDGs. The GCSA offers recognition in two major award categories: GCSA–Reporting and GCSA–Professional, and the award ceremony will be held at the Taipei Grand Hotel along with Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards on November 22, 2018.

The GCSA committee comprises 14 experts from academia, industries and 33 volunteer judges from various sectors, including finance, insurance, technology, services, and academia, whose selection process is equitable and objective. For GCSA-Professional, the evaluation criteria is based on outstanding achievement, contribution, impact and reputation of nominee in sustainability. For GCSA-Reporting, the Award recognizes those corporations that disclose sustainability information in a transparent and credible way.

The GCSA-Professional winners are Mr. Christopher Wellise, the sustainability officer from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Mr. Paul Peng, Chairman of AUO.
The GCSA-Reporting goes to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, HPE, Far Eastern New Century Corporation, and Sinyi Realty Inc.

Mr. Wellise leads HPE Living Progress global team which focus on the corporation among non-profit organizations, government, and partners to solve the global social and environment problems. Through the consistency between sustainable development plan and overall business strategy, HPE Living Progress improves the value of corporate and business performance. Besides, his key contributions to corporate sustainability include pioneering
several collaborative initiatives to drive sustainability in the technology industry, including being a founding member of the Future of Internet Power Initiative and the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance.

Mr. Peng leads AUO to become the world's leading manufacturer of TFT-LCD panels. In 2011, he promoted the integration of the three major associations related to the display industry, established the Taiwan Display Association, strengthened international alliances, expanded business opportunities. He established CSR Committee in 2013, and in 2018, he further promoted organizational transformation and established Headquarter of Sustainable
Development and Chief Sustainability Officer position to closely integrate CSR
strategy with the company's business.

The award winning highlights for the “Best Report” category is unequivocally Siemens with “Pictures of the Future”. The content is exhilarating and presents a clear blueprint of the company’s innovation as well as their future research and development goals. The HPE Living Progress report delivers its comprehensive information through a friendly and innovative design and presentation. The content of the webpage is comprehensive and provides an optimal user experience. A number of external links provide stakeholders with real time information regarding HPE performance and useful data. Far East New Century’s report is well balanced; it displays its determination for sustainable development and responds to the concerns of various stakeholders. The company’s development strategy fully integrates to international sustainability trends and issues. Sinyi Realty Inc. presents a rich report and well-designed website, this is conducive to communication with interested parties. Their website presents the user with compensation of board members as well as senior and middle executives.

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