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    With the worldwide efforts in proactively dealing with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement with dedication to promotion of sustainable development and dealing with climate change issue. Since 2018, Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (GCSF), the largest Sustainability Forum in Asia has hosted by the Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (A·SDGs) jointly organized by industry, government, academia and research institutes in Taiwan.

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    The status of politics, economy and environment has been in a state of instability worldwide in recent years. The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic at the beginning of this year (2020) has resulted in an unprecedented impact on the economy and society globally. Whilst the pandemic in Taiwan has been relatively diminished, the pressure of epidemic prevention and risk of infection remain significant. In addition, the pandemic remains severe in many countries and the impacts are unpredictable.


    Facing more complex and unpredictable crises time after times, one can no longer deal with the situation with the inherent model, innovative ideas and methodologies are urgently need to adapt to the “New Normal”.


    In the meantime, sustainable development has been integrated into the reformation of financial systems coupled with the rise of activism by investors, responsible investment became a worldwide trend. The integration of ESG issues into investment decisions will not only promote contribution towards social sustainability by corporations through the power of financial institutions but also encourage risk assessments and transparent disclosure of information.


    In response to United Nations SDGs and its promotion strategies, the pursuit of sustainable development must take into account of all groups and individuals. Every individual will be a part of the value chain, and this is the value of "inclusiveness".


    The 3rd Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (“GCSF”) in 2020 focuses on “the 3Is”: Innovation, Investment, and Inclusiveness, . A series of more than ten seminars and

    workshops are planned. It is foreseeable that through the sharing, interaction, and communication among industry, government, academics, and research institutions, a solution to corporate sustainability in the “post-pandemic era” will be discovered.

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    The Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (A‧SDGs) has been established to provide an IT and resource sharing platform to foster Taiwan’s sustainable development, and as a common effort across diverse fields of endeavor and among concerned stakeholders including corporations, government entities, academia and research, and non-governmental organizations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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