• Sustainable Innovation Carnival

    The theme for this event is Innovation, and there will be three main stages: Inspiring Sustainability Stage, Sustainable Radio, and Future Innovation Lounge. In this event, TAISE not only invites representatives from leading corporations that have outstanding performances in TCSA this year to share corporate sustainability strategies, but also connects overseas to invite international sustainability experts to make virtual speeches and interact with on-site guests. A.SDGs also arranges live streaming events for those who are not able to attend this event to celebrate it together on-line, in the hope of combining online and physical events to expand the influence of sustainability.

    11.19 DAY 2


    12F Kun Lun Room

  • Moderators & Speakers

    Coco Wang

    Director of Strategic Development, Business Council for Sustainable Development

    Chun-Ming Yen

    Secretary General, Taiwan Alliance for Sustainable Supply

    Nico Chen

    Executive Manager, Sinyi Group

    Wei-Kuang Huang

    Deputy Director, Department of Corporate Planning,
    Taiwan Power Company

    Tze-Luen Alan Lin

    Deputy Executive Director, Office of Energy and Carbon Reduction,
    Executive Yuan (Premier’s Office), Taiwan

    Mark Chien

    Senior Vice President, Occupational Safety & Health Dept. and
    General Affairs Dept.,
    Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

    Ren C.J. Cheng

    General Manager, Environment Department,
    China Airlines

  • ESG Investment World Café

    This event focuses on issues in relation to ESG risk management and sustainable finance, and invites representatives from leading corporations in TCSA and stakeholders to share experiences with each other in the form of World Café. It gathers corporations and guests to interact face to face to prompt reflection and inspiration in sustainable development business.

    11.19 DAY 2

     13:00 - 17:15

     10F Song Po Room

  • Philip Ong

    Professor, National ChengChi University, Department of Fiance

    Christine Chiang

    Asia-Pacific Lead of Sustainability, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Ltd​

    Chi-Jui Huang

    Department of Finance and Cooperative Management, National Taipei University / Professor

    Steven Tsai

    CEO, Unity Sustainability Services Co., LTD.

  • Social Inclusiveness Dialogue

    Inclusive growth is economic growth that is distributed fairly across society and creates opportunities for all. This Dialogue introduces the best practices of corporate and university social inclusion, and hopes to reshape the public's understanding of social inclusion, sustainable development and their relationship

    11.19 DAY 2

    13:30 - 16:45

    10F Auditorium

  • Speakers

    Tsai Chi Kuo

    Professor, Dept. of Industrial Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

    Ting-Hsuan Hung​

    Chairman & Professor, Dept. of Plant Pathology and Microbiology /Director, Plant Teaching Hospital, National Taiwan University

    Cynthia Feng

    Executive Secretary,

    MediaTek Foundation

    Hsiao-Chien Lee

    Associate Prof. College of Marine Commerce, Associate Prof. College of Marine Commerce, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology

    Ken Wang

    Assistant Vice Resident, Public Relations Dept.,Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd

    Hsiang-Lin Chih

    Dean, College of Business, National Taipei University

    Yung-Shuen Shen

    Associate professor/Dean of Student Affairs, Geriatric Welfare Technology & Science in Mackay Medical College

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